Catering for omnivores and vegans alike, our Deluxe Chilli Sauces present punchy, savoury flavours, modernising recipes from our heritage whilst keeping it 100% natural and handmade.

Both chilli sauces have received 2-Star Great Taste Awards.

Our Deluxe Chilli Sauce with Scallops is a superior condiment in the vein of the famous "XO" sauces of Hong Kong. Unlike the Hong Kong variants, our product is completely free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or flavourings such as MSG.

The Deluxe Vegan Chilli Sauce has been created to provide plant-based consumers with an intensely-flavoured, complex and savoury chilli sauce that continues our philosophy of not using any form of artificial chemical, preservative or flavouring such as MSG. This sauce is also suitable for coeliacs as it is gluten free.

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