The foundations of Viñedos Real Rubio began over one hundred years ago when the great grandparents of the current owners, Mari Luz and Javier, began growing grapes in the area around Monte Yerga in Rioja. Over the years their plots have grown and property expanded, to the point that the 90 hectares of planted vineyards are now home to most of the official varieties of grapes of the Rioja Designation of Origin – Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Viura, Verdejo and Maturana.

In 2004, Mari Luz and Javier made the decision to move from just being grape producers to being wine makers, and thus the creation of Viñedos Real Rubio. Using solely their own grapes, their dedication and desire to maximise the legacy of their ancestors has resulted in a truly fantastic range of highly respected and award-winning wines from entry-level to fairly serious, all of which reflect elegance and balance commensurate with their market placement.

Hobros Limited are excited to be representing Viñedos Real Rubio and giving Mari Luz and Javier further recognition in the UK.

All Viñedos Real Rubio wines are vegan friendly!

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