Hobros Limited is a producer and distributor of award-winning fine foods and drink, free from the horrors of added chemicals, preservatives and flavourings.

Started by two brothers with a huge passion for food and having extensive experience in the food industry, Hobros seeks to both create and source products of wonderful natural flavours to enhance both the eating and cooking aspects of food. Their desire is to push the boundaries of taste and texture sensations.

The signature Deluxe Chilli Sauce with Scallops takes inspiration from their Hong Kong Chinese heritage, harnessing strong natural and umami-rich flavours to make a chilli sauce unlike any other. The sourcing, and subsequent exclusive distribution, of the truly outstanding Olimágina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which has won Gold in the 2019 International Olive Oil Competition in New York, demonstrates their commitment to finding the highest quality, small-batch producers from around the world.

Hobros Limited have also renewed a decade-old association with Viñedos Real Rubio, an outstanding vineyard from Rioja, Spain, that produces wonderful vegan-friendly wines with outstanding taste and great value.

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